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Claw Machine Pro

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Claw Machine Pro is a complete game kit that will let you build your own Claw Machine within minutes!

Claw Machine Pro comes ready to go right out of the box for you to get started quickly!

* 3 pre-built Claw Machines
* Create an endless number of claw machines using the included prefabs, models, and parts!
* Prizes included!
* Full C# source code included!
* All models and PSDs included!
* Fully customizable game play!
* Mobile input supported! (Touch screen buttons)
* Driven by physics to provide a great sense of realistic gameplay!
* Modular design, use what you want!
* Mobile friendly!
* Includes documentation on how to do everything.
* Fully supported by an active developer!

Online Documentation

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You'll get the full Unity Package to build your own Claw Machine arcade game! This works with Unity versions 2019.4.4 or higher.

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Claw Machine Pro

0 ratings
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